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(Tax, Audit, Estate Planning, Litigation, Consulting)
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Main Office
450 B STREET, STE 500
Main Number 619-238-1077
Fax 619-696-8614
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Theresa M. Drouillard, CPA
Shareholder and CEO

Michael C. Friedman, CPA

Daniel I. Lavis, MPA, CPA

Cristanne M. Leitner, CPA
Shareholder, Vice President & Director of Tax

Victor G. Ramsauer, CPA
Shareholder and President

Thomas E. Rex, CPA
Shareholder and Technical Director, Accounting and Audit

Bruce A. Strumlauf, MS, CPA

Kim W. Ufford, CPA, CFF, ABV, ASA

Nicholas Palmer, CPA
Director of Audit

Bryan Carpenter, CPA, CGMA
Senior Audit Manager

Steve Root, CFE, CPA, MAFM
Senior Audit Manager

Mark Morris, J.D., LL.M., CPA
Tax Counsel

Jared P. Werner, J.D., LL.M., CPA
Senior Tax Manager

Susan Watson
Executive Vice President

Firm Communication

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